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Finding users in your niche
01 - Find targeted leads

Use our lead scraper to find users who are followed by or who follow a certain Twitter user, you can filter them by keywords they use in their bio. You can also find users who like or retweet a certain post or upload your own set of leads using a CSV file with usernames.

Creating a campaign
02 - Create a campaign and start messaging

Now with this list of users, start your campaign to send personalised messages. You can specify the amount of messages per day and personalise your message by using the username or the first name of the users, as well as using spintax.

Enjoy the results
03 - Manage the results with our CRM

When you have created a campaign, it will automatically start messaging the users. When users start replying you can easily manage them and keep track of them in our CRM.

ContactBird is the exact Twitter outreach solution that I wish always existed. It is super slick and minimalist, it works like a charm!
I can not recommend ContactBird enough. I got on the enterprise plan and ended up booking my first call within 5 hours of running the campaign, while I was asleep.
I've personally been using Twitter for a bit, but never saw many sales. After I started using ContactBird - sending out 100's of dms a day. Sales started coming in with basically no work added from my end.
I started on the basic ContactBird plan to give it a shot - I got 3 new clients for my agency in a week and just upgraded to the pro plan to send more dms!
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Why Twitter outreach?


High reply rate

People who are on Twitter are generally there to connect with others. If you send a genuine direct message, the chance of a response is very high.


Consistent lead flow

When your campaign is set up, there will be a consistent flow of replies in your DMs. All you have to do now is manage these replies and convert them.


Speak to decision makers

Instead of mailing with an assistant or gate keeper. You can get in direct contact with 1000's of founders and high level entrepreneurs on Twitter.

Address book

No lead costs

Unlike most forms of outreach, there is no need for external lead scrapers or verifying leads. All of your leads are happily using Twitter so you can find them for free with ContactBird.


Choose the plan that fits your needs!


Perfect for bitesize outreach.


per month

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1 running campaign

10,000 active leads

50 messages a day

1 connected Twitter account

50 messages per day / Twitter account


Perfect for larger companies.


per month

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4 running campaigns

25,000 active leads

200 messages a day

2 connected Twitter accounts

100 messages per day / Twitter account


Perfect for large companies.


per month

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8 running campaigns

50,000 active leads

400 messages a day

10,000 active leads

100 messages per day / Twitter account

Want a custom plan? Please contact support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Twitter account get banned by using this tool?

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No, your Twitter account will not get banned solely by using our software to automate your direct messages. We have done extensive tests to make sure your account is safe.

What is your refund policy?

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We do NOT offer refunds, all plans can be cancelled monthly. If you are having any problems with the software, our team is happy to help you so feel free to reach out.

Do you offer a free trial?

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Yes, you can sign up without paying and enjoy some basic functionality. Free users can scrape up to 1000 leads and send 10 messages per day. Upgrading gives you access to the Twitter growth course and the CRM. As well as more messages per day and more active leads, depending on your plan.

Where can I contact customer service?

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You can contact our service team at hello@contactbird.io or through the chatbot in the bottom right corner.

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